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Teaching 4 Business is a premier provider of multi-lingual, certificated learning and compliance solutions, leveraging over 30 years of experience in training delivery.
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High quality, affordable Health & Safety training bundle for your employees
Provide your employees with essential multi-lingual health & safety courses. These courses are all certified and include tests and certificates.
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Manual Handling. Safely handling and lifting loads is crucial to prevent injuries for yourself and your colleagues. Understanding your responsibilities and taking the necessary steps are vital to maintaining a safe environment.
Risks & Responsibilities. Covering the shared responsibilities of employers and employees for workplace safety, it addresses the identification and management of workplace hazards, emphasising the importance of practising good hygiene at work.
Fire Safety. This course covers essential aspects of fire safety, including prevention, response, and evacuation procedures tailored to the workplace environment. Designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a safe and secure workplace in the event of a fire.
Slips & Trips. This course covers essential workplace safety topics, including the identification of hazards, compliance with workplace safety laws, the implementation of measures to prevent accidents and injuries, and the effective assessment of slips, trips, and falls risks.
Environmental Awareness. Environmental awareness involves recognising, understanding, and appreciating the natural world, as well as the impact of human activities on the environment. It encompasses knowledge about environmental issues, ecosystems, and the importance of sustainable practices for the well-being of the planet.
Thanks so much for all of your support. The courses are enabling us to train our volunteers quicker, and better, than ever.
Age UK
I'm only on Section 1 of the “Incident/Accident Investigation” course and already I’m learning new things about writing reports. I can’t wait for Section 2.
Senior High Risk Area Leader, Food Manufacturing sector
The IOSH Managing Safely course is quite possibly the best course I’ve ever taken. The humour, the way the course is delivered, the interaction - I love it.
John S, Senior H&S Manager, Food sector
The IOSH Managing Safely course is so good, I’d almost forgotten I was taking a course. It’s just so easy to learn, and the humour used makes it easy to remember.
Jam, H&S Manager, Food & Drink sector
A great mix of videos, text and questions which kept me engaged.
Matthew J, H&S Manager, Cranswick
I would feel confident investigating almost any incident using the techniques and models taught in the course.
H&S Site Manager, Food Production Sector
A really good course, would recommend this for people new to the world of health and safety, and for managers who complete investigations.
Richard W, H&S Manager, Cranswick
I would 100% recommend it is really useful and I feel most people in our company would benefit from it. Perfectly paced, the trainer was very helpful.
Excel Intermediate
It was very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed learning about Macros as I had never heard of these before and were fun to explore. All of it was relevant but pivot tables were the real eye opener.
Excel Advanced
I have recommended it already to a different company! Very clearly explained for a beginner.
Power BI Introduction
This course was very helpful and I would recommend it to any newbies using Excel. I would recommend it to beginners because the course started at a low level and gave plenty of guidance and examples.
Excel Introduction
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Over 30 years of experience in training delivery
Established in 1997, Teaching 4 Business is a premier provider of multi-lingual, certificated learning and compliance solutions, leveraging over 30 years of experience in training delivery.
Our expertise extends beyond the Food, Drink, and Hospitality sectors to Logistics, Care, Retail, Manufacturing, and Aerospace. We excel in audit and compliance support, ensuring our customers maintain superbly trained staff and proven compliance.
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Teaching 4 Business provides online courses and learning management systems to businesses across a range of industries.
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