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Excel Intermediate
This Microsoft Excel Intermediate course is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge of Microsoft Excel to work with larger spreadsheets, create formulas across multiple worksheets and workbooks, manage tables of data, and use advanced formatting techniques.
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1 Day
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Virtual Classroom
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About this course

This Excel training covers practical skills for efficient data management and analysis.

Learners will learn to create formulas across multiple worksheets, enhancing their ability to perform calculations seamlessly.

It includes techniques for copying formats and values across multiple worksheets, ensuring consistent formatting throughout the workbook.

It explores the application of conditional formatting and custom formats, text manipulation and text functions, and learners will gain an understanding of Excel databases, including creating and modifying data tables.


Learners who wish to attend this course must have knowledge of Excel and feel comfortable with creating, formatting, and editing spreadsheets. They should be able to write formulas using multiplication, addition, subtraction, division and use thebasic functions, sum, average, max, min and count.

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Course dates
We are currently accepting admissions for the following upcoming cohorts:
  • 8th August 2024
  • 22nd August 2024
  • 30th September 2024
  • 8th October 2024
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This course covers
  • Create formulas across multiple worksheets
  • Copy formats and values across multiple worksheets
  • Copy and link information across multiple workbooks
  • Apply conditional formatting and creating custom format
  • Manipulate text and use Text functions
  • Understand the concepts an Excel database and create and modify data tables
  • Use criteria ranges to analyse data using the Advanced Filter
  • Create sub totals and group & ungroup data
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