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Food Safety: Catering
The ramifications of negligence in food safety and hygiene are far-reaching. Prioritising these aspects is not only a legal and regulatory requirement but a moral obligation to safeguard public health, maintain consumer trust, and foster the long-term sustainability of the food industry.
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60 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

This Level 2 Food Safety online training course underscores the legal obligation of food business operators to provide appropriate supervision and training in food hygiene for their employees.

It highlights the severe consequences of food poisoning and poor food hygiene, aiming to equip learners with the knowledge and understanding to identify and control food safety hazards in their workplace.

Drawing on Food Standards Agency statistics, the course reinforces best practices related to food and hygiene.

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Self-led online courses include
Support for over 100 languages
Mobile-friendly design for playback on any device
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This course covers
  • The law, due diligence and the HACCP process in an accessible way
  • High risk foods, food contamination and the temperature danger zone
  • Food hazards and safety practices from delivery to consumption
  • Best practice in storing, preparing and cooking food
  • How to clean, disinfect, and sterilize
  • The impact of allergies and some common allergens
  • Food handler hygiene
  • Pest control in a food preparation environment
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