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Working at Height
Employers and individuals overseeing work at height are responsible for thorough planning, supervision, and execution by competent personnel. This entails utilizing suitable equipment for the task, with the level of planning corresponding to the complexity of the work.
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15 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

This course covers risk reduction strategies for working at height, emphasizing avoidance, prevention, and minimization. It defines working at height and explores ways to keep such work to a minimum.

The course discusses safeguards to prevent falls and minimize risks, including the safe setup of ladders and step ladders.

It provides guidance on ascending ladders, considering individual capabilities, load, environment, and weather factors.

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This course covers
  • The ‘avoid, prevent, minimise’ to reduce the risks of working at height
  • What working at height means
  • How to keep working at height to a minimum
  • How different safe guards can prevent and minimise falls
  • Setting up a ladder and step ladder safely
  • How to work up a ladder taking into account individual capabilities, the load, the environment and other factors such as the weather
  • How to spot the risks of working at height
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