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Leading a Meeting
Providing practical tips for effective meeting management, including controlling information flow, encouraging participation, and staying on agenda. Learn techniques such as chunking information, using inclusive language, and fostering an environment where opinions are valued.
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30 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

Learn effective techniques for managing information flow in meetings, including strategies to control the pace, encourage active participation, and ensure timely agenda completion.

Discover methods such as chunking information for better organisation and summarisation. Foster engagement through inclusive language, low-risk ice breakers, and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions.

Explore techniques for generating and capturing ideas, opinions, facts, decisions, and action points. Efficiently manage meeting time by planning and adapting as needed, and monitor progress with a clear purpose in mind.

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Self-led online courses include
Support for over 100 languages
Mobile-friendly design for playback on any device
Progress tracking and pass/fail tests
Automatic, remote updates to keep content fresh
Playback speed controls to speed up/slow down the video
Closed captions which can be turned on/off
This course covers
  • How to control the flow of information in your meetings
  • How to encourage participation when leading a meeting
  • Finishing your agenda on time
  • Chunking information, organise it and summarise
  • Encouraging participation, using relevant, low risk, engaging ice breakers
  • Language positively supporting participation
  • Inclusive climates where people feel able to voice their opinions
  • Generating and capturing ideas, opinions and facts as well as decisions and actions points
  • Managing flow, planning how to use meeting time effectively
  • Monitoring progress, with purpose firmly in mind, flex and re-plan to fit
  • Closing- summarise actions and decisions, get commitment
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