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Solving Problems: Definition to Options
When you're defining a problem, you're in a detective mindset, searching for clues and motives. This course assists you in analyzing the current situation and pinpointing the root causes of the problem. It also explores methods for you and your team to generate solutions.
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50 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

This course focuses on essential problem-solving skills, including identifying the root cause before addressing the issue and collaborating with your team for creative solutions.

It provides insights into prioritising problems effectively, setting a clear end goal through a satisfactory description, and categorising problems based on urgency and importance.

It is analytical thinking in problem selection and utilizes four key idea generation principles: generating many ideas, provoking thought, changing perspective, and making new connections. It promotes a divergent thinking style for idea generation and helps identify and overcome mental blocks to foster creative thinking.

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This course covers
  • Skills on how to identify the real cause of a problem before thinking of fixing it
  • How you can work with your team to generate creative and innovative solutions
  • Some tricks involved in choosing what to fix first
  • A clear end goal for the problem solving using the components of a satisfactory end-state description
  • Categorising problems as urgent and/or important
  • Encouraging analytical thinking in deciding what to solve
  • Using 4 key principles of idea generation appropriately: generate many ideas; provoke your thinking; change your perspective; make new connections
  • Encouraging a divergent thinking style while generating ideas
  • Dentifying any mental blocks to creative thinking and help overcome them
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