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Suspicious Packages
A suspicious package refers to any parcel, container, or item that raises concern due to its unusual appearance, unexpected delivery, or suspicious characteristics. It's essential to distinguish between routine deliveries and items that may pose a threat to safety.
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15 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

This course is designed for individuals tasked with handling suspicious packages and serves as a valuable refresher for everyone.

It prompts learners to ask critical questions, such as "What indicates that a package might be dangerous?" Offering clear guidelines, the course equips participants to identify signs of suspicious bags and packages and provides actionable steps for handling them safely and effectively.

Whether it's a primary responsibility or general awareness, this course empowers individuals to navigate and respond to potentially hazardous situations with confidence.

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This course covers
  • What a suspicious package is and what is not
  • How to deal with a suspicious package
  • The 4C’s Principle: Confirm, Clear, Communicate, Control
  • Advice for handling mail
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