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Decision Making: Options to Implementation
Professionals at all levels, team leaders, managers, and decision-makers across industries will find this course valuable. It is suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their decision-making capabilities and those involved in strategic planning and organisational leadership.
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40 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

This course is designed to cultivate an analytic approach to evaluating options and learners will learn to develop practical and consistent criteria for the evaluation process.

The course guides individuals in systematically examining arguments both in favour of and against specific options.

It provides strategies for facilitating team discussions and reaching a consensus effectively. Learners will gain valuable skills in critically assessing options to make informed decisions, contributing to more thoughtful and well-rounded evaluations in various contexts.

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This course covers
  • How to usefully evaluate each of your possible options using techniques such as, criteria review, pros and cons, and idea categorisation
  • Explore when each evaluation method would be most appropriate and review some other possible techniques
  • What you need to avoid including, lack of process, doing what you did before, being hasty, and being influenced by hidden agendas
  • Explore techniques such as multi-voting to help a group to make a choice
  • Find out how important it is to generate a clear overview of your proposed solution and communicate the important points to all stakeholders
  • Discover how to generate an effective task list
  • Use Force Field analysis to assess possible resistance, support and finally examine some of the questions your team should be asking themselves in order to prevent problems from recurring
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