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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill set that contributes to effective leadership, teamwork, and personal well-being. Individuals and organisations that prioritise the development of emotional intelligence often experience improved communication, collaboration, and overall success in various aspects of life.
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20 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned and will improve how we interact with others.

Often, we react without taking the time to recognise and respond to our circumstances in the most appropriate way.

This can mean missing opportunities and misunderstanding or misinterpreting the actions of others.

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Self-led online courses include
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Mobile-friendly design for playback on any device
Progress tracking and pass/fail tests
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Playback speed controls to speed up/slow down the video
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This course covers
  • Describe what EQ is and its relevance to them
  • Explain practical skills for recognising and manage their emotions
  • Work collaboratively and use their EQ to strengthen relationships
  • Visualise how they would like to be perceived (and start to make it happen)
  • Increase their awareness of others and their circumstances
  • Begin honing their empathy skills
  • Consider the importance of verbal and non-verbal clues
  • Complete branching conversations by using their EQ
  • Share with others EQ hints and tips and continue their development

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