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Positive Mental Health at Work for Managers
Mental health challenges affect a significant portion of the population, with 1 in 4 adults experiencing such issues at some point in their lives. Within the workplace, 3 in 10 individuals have encountered mental health issues, and stress has emerged as the predominant cause of long-term absences from work.
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45 minutes
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Self-Led Online
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About this course

Designed for managers, this course equips them with knowledge and tools to support team members facing work-related challenges.

It provides insights into navigating common scenarios encountered by managers, such as facilitating team discussions and fostering a supportive work environment.

The goal is to assist employees in their journey back to full health and productivity in the workplace.

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This course covers
  • An outline of the most common conditions
  • Practical tips to look after the mental well-being of your staff
  • Implementing workplace adjustments to support mental health
  • Spotting the warning signs that employees may be struggling to cope
  • Offering guidance and advice on relevant issues
  • Tips to support employees back to full health and able to work productively again
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